Dr. Stephen Perkins Performs Chin Implant Surgery

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Did you know? Chin Implants are often done in conjunction with Rhinoplasty surgery to balance out the facial features and improve the neck line.

Dr. Stephen Perkins creates customized chin implants for each patient. He is an international teaching surgeon, has over 35 years of expertise providing natural-looking results and performs hundreds of these procedures each year.

Dr. Perkins also uses computerized imaging technology to illustrate the potential outcome before you have your surgery. Trust your face to a Facial Plastic Surgeon.

Call today for a consultation: 317-575-0330. View Dr. Perkins photo gallery here.

Aging Lips? Lip Enhancement Procedures By Facial Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Stephen Perkins

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If your lips are looking thinner as you age, a Lip Lift may be the appropriate solution for you. Lip Lift is permanent and has a short downtime. You’ll be back to your normal activities in one week.

Dr. Perkins has over 35 years of expertise performing this procedure and will provide you with a natural-looking result that complements your facial features.

Call today for a facial plastic surgery consultation with Dr. Stephen Perkins: 317-575-0330

Take Your 2021 Staycation At Meridian Plastic Surgeons. No Travel Or Luggage Required.

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Not quite ready to pack your travel bags for 2021?

A facial plastic surgery procedure is a great way to spend a staycation this year. You won’t have airports, hotels, luggage or long drives to hassle with. Have your surgery, then recover and relax in the privacy of your home.

Dr. Stephen Perkins is an international teaching surgeon and has over 35 years of expertise providing natural-looking results for happy patients.

Schedule your consultation today with Dr. Perkins, and plan your staycation. 317-575-0330

Dr. Stephen Perkins Lectures at Facial Plastic Surgery Winter Symposium In Beaver Creek, Colorado

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Stephen W. Perkins, MD of Meridian Plastic Surgeons, helped to direct the 2021 “Reaching New Peaks In Facial Plastic Surgery” Winter Symposium in Beaver Creek, CO. This was offered by Facial Plastic Surgery International, an educational foundation he co-founded with Capi Wever, MD, a colleague and Facial Plastic Surgeon from the Netherlands.

Dr. Perkins is the president of this organization and spoke on the topics of “Facelift Technique Proven For Lasting Results In the Neck”, “Dry Eye Syndrome After Blepharoplasty and Treatment Alternatives for Chemosis” and “Why Brow and Forehead Lifting Are Still Relevant”. He also participated on two panels titled “Pearls in Facelifting” and “Managing the Practice and Surgery Center In the Time of COVID-19”.

BBL and MicroLaserPeel Jan-Feb 2021 Special At Spa 170 West!

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Get Full Face BBL and MicroLaserPeel for $500 During January & February 2021 at Spa 170 West – our medical skincare spa.

BroadBand Light (BBL) is a non-invasive skin treatment that can reduce the appearance of sun damage and photo-aging to provide dermal renewal to tired-looking skin. BBL uses broad-spectrum visible and infrared light to heat layers of the skin – getting rid of unwanted pigmentation, redness and other conditions.

And, BBL combined with MicroLaserPeel is the perfect tool set for removing wrinkles, sun damage and revitalizing skin.

Call Spa 170 West today to schedule your appointment: 317-558-1541

15% Off Epionce Renewal Calming Cream Jan-Feb 2021

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Get Epionce Renewal Calming Cream at 15% off during January and February 2021 at Spa 170 West – our medical skincare spa.

Epionce Renewal Calming Cream is formulated for relieving symptoms of eczema, itching, redness and dryness. It helps protect the skin barrier and repairs extremely dry, sensitive skin. This product is great for skin that is sensitive to preservatives found in standard moisturizers.

Don’t miss this special! Call Spa 170 West for more information: 317-558-1541

Dr. Stephen Perkins Is Guest Lecturer At AAFPRS Annual Meeting

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Dr. Stephen Perkins was an invited faculty member at the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery 2020 Annual Meeting conducted virtually. Dr. Perkins gave a keynote lecture titled “My Facelift Philosophy and Techniques From a 36-Year Perspective”.

He presented multiple lectures on the topics of Blepharoplasty, Neck Lifting During Facelift and Upper Lip Dermabrasion. And, he moderated a panel that discussed Preservation Rhinoplasty.

Dr. Stephen Perkins Receives COVID-19 Vaccine

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Dr. Stephen Perkins is pictured here getting his COVID-19 Vaccine.

Our highest priority at Meridian Plastic Surgeons is the safety and health of our patients, physicians and staff members.