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Board Certified Facial Plastic Surgeon

Where Art and Science Come Face to Face™

Board Certified Facial Plastic Surgeon

Where Art and Science Come Face to Face™
Dr. Stephen Perkins is known internationally for performing and teaching rhinoplasty to other doctors who are rhinoplasty surgeons. Rhinoplasty is truly the art of “sculpting” the nose. The term Rhinoplasty means to mold or shape the rhinion,which is the Latin word for the nose.
More and more people are staying healthy, exercising, feeling more youthful and often opting to stay in the work force longer. So, it is easy to understand why more and more individuals want to have a cosmetic surgical procedure to “turn back the clock of time”…
Eyelid Surgery
The eyes are the focal point of visual contact with other people in our daily lives, so it’s important that they look bright and refreshed, certainly not giving you the tired look. Unfortunately, the eyes are often the first part of the face to show signs of aging. Patients often complain that…

Patient Stories
Yvonne is 60 years old. She was concerned with her facial age spots and the deep wrinkles in her lip area. She had a lot of sun exposure over the years and felt she was now wearing more “cover-up”…

When Christine was younger, she was teased by other people about the shape of her nose. She was especially self conscious when she looked at candid photos of herself. Dr. Perkins was able to bring symmetry…
Nathalie had an overall tired look and appeared to be frowning even though she was not. She also had wrinkles around her eyes, on her cheeks and. in the neck area. She had “jowling” under her chin…

Why Choose
Dr. Perkins
No matter what you do for a living, it’s important to look your professional best. Dr. Stephen Perkins is board certified by the American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. He has been performing, has specialized in and limited his practice to facial plastic surgery for over 30 years. He is well recognized and highly respected nationally and internationally in his field. Dr. Perkins is Past President of the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery as well as Past President of the Indianapolis Medical Society. He is currently President of the Accreditation Council for Post-Residency Specialty Education, reviewing all fellowships in facial plastic surgery.

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