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Forehead / Eyebrow Lift
Forehead / Eyebrow Lift

One of the first signs of facial aging is the drooping and excess folds of the upper eyelids. But this is often aggravated by the drooping of the eyebrows and the overall forehead tissues. The drooping or sagging tends to cause the upper eyelids to fold and be pushed down and lie almost directly on top of the eyelashes. Patients often complain that their eyes appear smaller or deeper set than they really are, or that they appear to look sad and tired – even though they don’t feel this way. In addition, the inner eyebrow and area between the eyebrows may sag and develop creasing, which creates an angry look or scowl – like you are frowning when you actually are not. Some people call this the “11’s sign” – two vertical furrows between the eyebrows.

Correcting the underlying muscular cause of these problems can be accomplished as part of a forehead or eyebrow lift surgery. The forehead/eyebrow lift can be performed as a procedure on its own as well as in conjunction with other facial plastic surgery (most commonly because they directly relate to face rejuvenation, such as lower face lifting).

Any type of forehead lift will help the sagging of the eyebrows in the area between the brows at the root of the nose as well as decrease the wrinkles in this area and on the forehead. It is especially helpful in diminishing the creases and furrows between the eyebrows that tend to give a stern or angry appearance. The procedure usually results in eyes that appear brighter, larger and more youthful looking, as well as a lessening of the “crow’s feet” often found at the outside corners of the eye. It will not, however, correct excess skin that collects on the upper eyelids, or the lower eyelids, or “bags” caused by fat herniation (bulging) at the inner corner of the eyes. This, on the upper eyelids, needs to be taken care of at the time of the eyelid surgery.

Most importantly, Dr. Perkins with his skill and experience will not “over-do” the brow lift, leaving you with a “surprised” look. A refreshed, rested appearance is always his goal for patients so that they look like their natural self.

During the consultation, in front of the mirror, Dr. Perkins can show you exactly how this would look by using his hands to slightly lift the brows and the forehead tissues. He will reassure you that you will not look “surprised”, over pulled or over-done. Dr. Perkins will demonstrate to you, in front of the mirror, what a forehead/brow lift will do and how you, the patient, will look natural and not overdone.

The “extra” benefit of the forehead lift result lifting the eyebrows is also weakening the frontal muscles, sometimes diminishing the need for Botox or neurotoxin, or at least diminishing the need significantly. There is a long-term benefit to a forehead lift from the release of the frowning muscles.

Less Invasive Techniques Produce Hidden Scars

It used to be that possible hair loss, hair removal and large incisions accompanied a forehead/eyebrow lift procedure. Dr. Perkins utilizes much less invasive endoscopic techniques for this surgery that minimize incisions, decrease the possibility of any hair loss and reduce areas of temporary numbness that occur with any forehead/brow lifting. These newer techniques also rarely produce bruising and can often be performed totally behind the hairline (depending upon the height of the patient’s hairline).

Forehead / Eyebrow Lift Techniques

For patients with a high hairline, thinning hair, or for men with male pattern baldness and a receding hairline, there are other options for making access incisions to accomplish the brow lift, yet end up with non-noticeable incision scars.

Determining which approach or type of forehead-brow lift that is appropriate for you will be discussed in your consultation with Dr. Perkins. It often relates to your natural hairline, the height of your forehead, and the amount of hair you have as well as your type of hairstyle. Dr. Perkins will discuss this with you in detail and show you how he can still perform the forehead/eyebrow lift without raising your hairline any further.

Computerized Imaging

Dr. Perkins utilizes computerized imaging with forehead/brow lift procedures. This gives patients the opportunity to see what their results will look like before they have their surgery, and assure them they will not have an over-done, “surprised” look. This is typically done after Dr. Perkins shows you (with his hands in front of the mirror) a visual look of what can be accomplished in a natural fashion.