Facelift Misconceptions and Facts Part 4

March 18, 2014

Following is Part IV of a series regarding Facelift Misconceptions and Facts.

Misconception: I would like to have a facelift but my hair is very short. I am afraid the scars will show.

Fact: My incisions are well hidden so hairstyles do not need to be changed or altered. Patients have told me their hair stylists have rarely seen such hidden and nearly “invisible” scars. Some couldn’t even tell or haven’t noticed that they had had a facelift because the scars weren’t seen – and the hairline and sideburn were not changed or altered.

The surgical techniques I use now are more advanced. My incisions are hidden in and around the ear – which is great for patients who wear short hair.

This is a very appropriate topic to discuss with a plastic surgeon before making your decision. A facelift is a significant investment, so you want to choose your facial plastic surgeon carefully. Choose one who pays attention to these important details so that you look very natural and have no ” telltale ” signs of surgery.