Facelift Misconceptions and Facts Part 3

February 20, 2014

Following is Part III of a series regarding Facelift Misconceptions and Facts.

Misconception: I want to have a facelift but it seems very invasive. I also worry that my skin will look too tight, unnatural and “operated”.

Fact: I am regularly invited to teach current face lifting techniques all over the world to other facial plastic and plastic surgeons. My techniques are much less invasive, enable quicker healing and avoid the “tight, operated” look. I do a shorter degree of what is known as “undermining” – which means lifting up the flaps of skin and tissue during surgery. This enables me to build the foundation and tighten the underlying layer of tissue, so that the skin can be naturally re-draped. The result is a longer-lasting, natural-looking outcome. Lifting the skin as far as you may have seen on reality television shows is an “old school” technique.

Facelifts require a combination of proper surgical technique, understanding of the anatomy and a trained facial plastic surgeon. Not all surgeons use and understand these techniques, so you need to be very cautious when making a choice in order to get the results you desire. Ask to see before and after photos before making your decision.

Patients want a noticeable result from a facelift but not one that changes their own personal appearance. With the techniques I use, they won’t “look like” they’ve had a facelift. They will look very rested – like they’ve lost weight – and the way they personally looked several years previous.