Solutions for Lipstick Bleeding and Lip Wrinkles

June 21, 2019

When we think about facial rejuvenation, we don’t want to forget the lips, as they frame our smile. The 4 challenges my patients talk about most are wrinkled lips, thinning lips, an upper lip that is too long and downward turn at the corner of the mouth. There are a variety of surgical procedures to correct these.

If you’ve experienced “lipstick bleeding”, you know how frustrating it is. You can moisturize and exfoliate your lips, but unfortunately, these will only mask the issue at hand. Lipstick bleeding is typically caused by fine lines and deeper wrinkling on the lips. Wrinkles result from smoking, sun damage, age, thinning skin and heredity. While injections can sometimes be used, their results are temporary.

“Resurfacing treatments such as dermabrasion, chemical peel or laser resurfacing performed under anesthesia are much more definitive and permanent. They can produce fairly immediate and dramatic results,” says Board Certified Facial Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Stephen Perkins.

Once the wrinkles are removed using one of these techniques, it will take years for them to reform. Depending on patient goals, the lip borders or the entire lip area can be treated. A couple of procedures are sometimes necessary to get the desired result.

Surgical Lip Rejuvenation Consultation

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