Patient Stories: Diana
Patient Story: Diana

Diana was self-conscious because she had developed “jowling” and sagging under her chin already at a relatively young age. Her face was also beginning to show signs of further aging with deepening smile grooves and cheek folds around her nose-lip area known as “smile lines”. This was giving her a “harsher” look as well as a bit of a sad look around the mouth. Dr. Perkins performed a cheek-neck lift, known as a “lower facelift” including liposuction under the chin and neck-jowl areas. This gave her neck and jawline a more defined look and “sharpened” her neckline considerably, which gives her face a more youthful appearance; and she looks as though she lost weight.

Diana was a great candidate for a facelift. Even in her mid-forties, she had the hereditary condition of sagging jowls and skin, yet she still has some elasticity to her skin. Having rejuvenating facial plastic surgery in somewhat younger years to address the initial signs of aging enables patients to enjoy a refreshed, more youthful look now and for many years, rather than waiting until an arbitrary older chronological age.

Sometimes this may even involve slightly less surgery by starting earlier than if the aging changes were left to advance more significantly. Most importantly, whenever one chooses to rejuvenate the cheek, neck, and jawline, whether it is in the early stages of when the changes would be more dramatic, everyone can expect to look natural, normal and just a more youthful version of themselves!

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