Dr. Stephen Perkins Lectures at Facial Plastic Surgery Winter Symposium In Beaver Creek, Colorado

February 22, 2021

Stephen W. Perkins, MD of Meridian Plastic Surgeons, helped to direct the 2021 “Reaching New Peaks In Facial Plastic Surgery” Winter Symposium in Beaver Creek, CO. This was offered by Facial Plastic Surgery International, an educational foundation he co-founded with Capi Wever, MD, a colleague and Facial Plastic Surgeon from the Netherlands.

Dr. Perkins is the president of this organization and spoke on the topics of “Facelift Technique Proven For Lasting Results In the Neck”, “Dry Eye Syndrome After Blepharoplasty and Treatment Alternatives for Chemosis” and “Why Brow and Forehead Lifting Are Still Relevant”. He also participated on two panels titled “Pearls in Facelifting” and “Managing the Practice and Surgery Center In the Time of COVID-19”.