Dr. Perkins Speaks at Indianapolis Medical/Legal Dinner

May 3, 2018

Dr. Stephen Perkins, who is leading Co-Chair of the Medical/Legal Committee, recently spoke on behalf of the Indianapolis Medical Society at the annual combined Medical/Legal dinner meeting sponsored by the Indianapolis Bar Association and the Indianapolis Medical Society. The annual event brings together Indianapolis area physicians and lawyers for an evening of collegiality and fellowship. Topics mutually relevant to both doctors and attorneys are discussed, whether the topic be of legal importance or just of extreme interest. The goal is to encourage dialogue and networking among attendees, including related business partners such as banks, investment firms, hospitals and insurance companies who help financially sponsor the event.

This year’s keynote speaker was Auschwitz survivor, Eva Kor, who openly shared her account of surviving medical experiments performed on both herself and her twin sister, supervised by Nazi doctor, Josef Mengele. A recent documentary about her life was made and presented at Clowes Memorial Hall earlier in April and will be released this fall.

Dr. Perkins is Past President of the Indianapolis Medical Society and serves on the President’s Advisory Council.