Buyer Beware: Use of Injectable Fillers In Place of Rhinoplasty Surgery

September 6, 2017

Recently, a patient asked Dr. Perkins about using injectable fillers as a non-surgical solution for rhinoplasty. This is sometimes referred to as “liquid rhinoplasty”. Following are his thoughts on this topic.

It would be on a very rare occasion that Dr. Perkins would recommended this approach for anyone. Once in a while, it may provide a slightly improved, temporary result. However, there are complications that can occur with injectable fillers, so a physician must be very careful about their use in the nose.

Surgery is much more predictable, long lasting, and – in the long run – more cost-efficient for patients. There is so much information floating around the Internet, in magazines and on television regarding non-surgical “solutions”. This makes it tough for patients to understand what is safe and effective and what is not.

You really need to talk to your facial plastic surgeon regarding the option that is most appropriate for you.