Protruding Ears Can Make Anyone Self-Conscious. Otoplasty Corrects This Problem.

March 7, 2017
Dr. Stephen Perkins Before and After Photos

If you or your child suffers from protruding ears, there is help. Otoplasty, a procedure that repositions protruding ears, will fix this common problem. It completes the small fold of the ear – to make the ear look perfectly normal and fit with the shape of the head and any hairstyle. Patients are back to their activities quickly.

Otoplasty Repositions the Ears

Otoplasty can be completed at any age. In fact, many of Dr. Stephen Perkins’s satisfied patients are adults who have endured protruding ears for most of their life – and finally correct the problem after years of trying to “hide” them.

Ear deformities can be emotionally traumatic to for anyone, but especially to young school-aged children and teenagers. Parents and friends don’t realize the degree of emotional damage that misshapen or protruding ears cause a young person. Males are especially vulnerable to comments about their ears due to the way they comb their hair. Females can be most bothered by this problem as they become more mature and desire a shorter hairstyle.

In children, the ear is 90% of its normal size by the time they are age 5 or 6. It is therefore recommended that the surgery be completed before or near the time a child enters school to avoid potential teasing and ridicule by classmates.

General anesthesia is administered on children for this procedure. For adults, a monitored sedation anesthesia is used.

Because of the obvious visual and psychological improvement following Otoplasty, this procedure provides a very rewarding experience for the patient – no matter what age they are.

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