Plastic Surgery And The Millennials

April 26, 2016

What do Millennials want? In my practice, I find they are commonly asking for a better looking nose. They are much more willing to say, they have always wanted a different, more pleasing nose that fits their face. They say “it’s ok for me to do this” and “it’s for myself” and “I can”. And, Millennial women don’t want “their father’s nose”. I also find that it’s more and more common for Millennials to want to take care of heavy eyelids, puffy bags or dark circles under the eyes due to heredity. YES! They do this, and it’s “not too young”. It’s very lifelong lasting.

And, don’t forget that “fatty pouch” under the chin or the “double chin” that you were “awarded” by your family that doesn’t go away with exercise! It can either be removed with an injection (i.e., Kybella), or a simple, safe, easy-to-recover with minimal-to-no-downtime surgical procedure, “micro liposuction.”

This is essentially a weekend recovery procedure!