Facelift Misconceptions and Facts

January 29, 2014

Following is Part I of a series regarding facelift Misconceptions and Facts.

Misconception: I would like to get rid of the “wattle” (loose skin) on my neck as well as my double chin, but I don’t want a full-blown facelift. Is there a minimally invasive or non-surgical procedure I can have?

Fact: Having a “facelift” does not necessarily mean a major overhaul. Patients often misunderstand the terminology. Facelift can be broken down into three separate components: Liposuction, Cheek-jowl Lift and Neck Lift.

Some patients need all three surgical components, while others do not. The type of facelift procedure I perform is dependent upon each individual and the particular signs of aging that are visible. For example, a neck lift can sometimes be performed in conjunction with liposuction in order to eliminate floppy loose skin on the neck. This is a less invasive procedure than a full facelift. The extent of what I actually do with the neck area will vary with each patient.

There is no machine, non-surgical, non-invasive treatment or “magic wand” that can address these issues. They are factors of aging and heredity. Despite the treatments you see advertised on television, in magazines or endorsed by celebrities, they are temporary, short-lived and may not make even the slightest difference in your appearance. A proper neck/facelift surgical procedure corrects the issues.