Beware of Marketing Driven Facial Rejuvenation Gimmicks

September 4, 2013

You may have heard about or seen some of the advertising and hype on TV or even in magazines about facelift procedures that are “new, quick and easy” and claim to involve no more than a weekend of downtime.

Some of these have even been supported by paid celebrities to speak about them. Two of the more commonly known and heard through advertising are the Quick Lift and the Lifestyle Lift. These and other short, attractive names are no more than national marketing efforts to feed referrals to surgeons.

Prospective patients are often led to believe that the marketed procedure is a new breakthrough technique that is less invasive than a typical facelift. This is simply not true. There is nothing new or inventive about either of these procedures promoted by their respective companies.

Check out my video about “facial rejuvenation gimmicks” and why it’s important to have your surgery consultation and facial plastic surgery performed by a board certified Facial Plastic Surgeon.