What Happens When Your Rhinoplasty Fails?

August 16, 2013

If you’ve had a rhinoplasty that did not turn out as expected, there is hope and good news. A failed rhinoplasty can be fixed by a skilled surgeon who has had special training in this field. Even with the best surgeons, 3-10% of rhinoplasties need minor revisions one year or later. It is just the nature of the variability of each individual patient’s healing.

It may be necessary, however, to have “major” revision rhinoplasty because the first surgeon “over did” the initial rhinoplasty or failed to correct the initial deformity. Revisions, known as “secondary” rhinoplasty, are very challenging and more difficult than the first, so you need to choose someone who performs rhinoplasty on a regular basis with good outcomes and is current in their techniques. The original rhinoplasty surgeon may or may not be experienced enough to perform the required revision.

Typically, the second surgery takes longer, is more work and more expensive. It also usually takes somewhat longer to appreciate the result. I have a high degree of skill in revising poor rhinoplasty results and have many years of experience performing this procedure. While these cases are challenging, they are also highly gratifying to me as a facial plastic surgeon. Revision rhinoplasty patients are so pleased with the results of their new and much more normal nose and had a much easier experience going through the revision rhinoplasty compared to their first surgery. There is much less pain and discomfort and no packing.

Also remember, in order to avoid the need for an expensive revision, it is very important not to “price shop” for a “bargain” on your first rhinoplasty. Patients should seek out a board certified Facial Plastic Surgeon who performs this surgery on a regular basis with successful outcomes.

People who are unhappy with their initial result must be patient and allow time for the healing process to complete before undergoing a revision. This usually takes about one year. I am often called upon to perform these revision surgeries by patients and their referring rhinoplasty surgeons who are not as experienced in revision rhinoplasty.

I routinely lecture and teach other surgeons nationally and internationally my techniques on revision or secondary rhinoplasties to achieve much improved and natural-appearing results. Visit my Revision Rhinoplasty photo gallery to view my before and after photos.