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It is difficult to put into words how much Dr. Perkins did for not only my outward appearance, but more importantly, my overall self-confidence. Before my rhinoplasty, I was always very self-conscious about having a big nose where as now, I feel beautiful and confident. Dr. Perkins was able to refine my nose to fit my face, but also kept the features that I feel define me for the better, so I didn't look like a different person – just me, with a better profile and nose.

Congratulations on being recognized as the recipient of the F. Mark Rafaty award. Obviously, to be selected by your peers is the highest honor.

I applaud your skills. What you have done for us is very small compared to your challenging cases. Yet, it is not small to me. You saw my basal cell cancer on my nose when it was barely a “speck”.

Dear Dr. Perkins,

I’m so grateful you chose to be a cosmetic surgeon! You’ve made a difference in my life. I appreciate you and all you do.

Kindest regards,

~ M.

Dear Dr. Perkins,

I am so ecstatically happy with the results of my rhinoplasty and chin augmentation. The care and attention I have received is incredible.

Dr. Perkins, you are truly wonderful at what you do! Your staff is so friendly and only added to the excellent experience I had.

Thank you again for everything!


~ K.

Dear Dr. Perkins,

I am so happy with the results of my recent rhinoplasty. For the first time in memory, I am able to jog while exclusively breathing through my nose.

Each day there is continued incremental improvement from the other procedures. Thank you so much for your advice and the special care you took performing my surgery.

Warmest regards,

~ J.

Dear Dr. Perkins,

Just a personal thank you for your watch and care over me. I still can’t believe I did it, but I’m so glad you’re the one who did!

 It’s a privilege to have a talented, skilled surgeon perform a life-changing procedure.

 ~ T.