Scar Revision

The formation of scars on the face can be emotionally disturbing to the person who has them, especially if they are wide, elevated, depressed, discolored or appear long. Severe scars can also diminish or distort normal facial features. Once a scar forms, it is basically permanent, however, scar revision is the surgical procedure that can improve the appearance on unsightly or disfiguring scars.

The goal of surgically treating scars is to make a new scar that will be less noticeable than the present scar: an exchange of a bad scar for a better scar. Scar revision can encompass surgically removing the scar entirely or a dermabrasion/laser resurfacing procedure to lessen the scar’s prominence. These procedures require the patient to undergo anesthesia. Smaller scars such as keloids can sometimes be treated via injection with a steroid – which does not require either surgery or anesthesia. The type of procedure performed depends entirely upon the degree and type of scarring the individual patient has.

Patients should seek out a board certified facial plastic surgeon who performs scar revision on a regular basis and has natural-looking outcomes and happy patients. This type of procedure requires a surgeon with a high skill level and expertise.

Dr. Perkins utilizes computerized imaging for patients who undergo surgical scar revision so that they are able to see what their potential outcome is before they schedule surgery.