Mid Facelift

If your friends or family members have told you that you look tired, or you don’t look as young as you feel, it can be caused by gradual changes in the mid face area. As we age, gravity begins to take its toll, and our tissues begin to sag and fall – especially in between the lower eyelids and around cheeks and mouth. These changes can make the eyelids look saggy and puffy as well as enhance the look of dark under-eye circles. They can cause the cheeks to look sunken. Lines can also form between the nasal area and the corner of the mouth.

A mid facelift can correct these signs of aging. The overall goal of the procedure is to provide fullness to the cheeks, reduce the puffiness in the lower eyelid area and decrease the folds in the nasal-labial area. The results are a natural-looking, refreshed look.

This is accomplished by “lifting” the tissues in the affected areas. A mid facelift is less extensive than a standard facelift yet still produces long-lasting results. When choosing a surgeon for this procedure, be sure and ask to see several before and after photos. Surgeons vary in their experience level and techniques, so it’s important to choose someone who performs this surgery on a regular basis with good outcomes.

Dr. Perkins utilizes video imaging during his mid facelift consultations. This enables patients to view the results of the procedure before having their surgery.