Patient Stories

Patient Story: Michelle


Michelle was very self-conscious about the size and shape of her nose since she was a little girl. She had always wanted Rhinoplasty but was concerned because she did not want to lose the look of her Latino heritage. Dr. Perkins utlilizes computerized imaging with his patients, so Michelle was able to see what her projected surgical outcome would look like before she had her surgery -- which put her at ease.

Patient Story: Leslie

Before Leslie’s Rhinoplasty she was very self-conscious about having a large nose. Dr. Perkins was able to refine her nose to fit her face, keeping the features that defined Leslie for the better. She did not look like a different person after surgery, rather a better version of herself with an enhanced nose and profile. It gave her a new sense of self-confidence.

Dr. Perkins performed a Rhinoplasty on Leslie.



Patient Story: Nathalie

Nathalie had an overall tired look and appeared to be frowning even though she was not. She also had wrinkles around her eyes, on her cheeks and in the neck area. She had “jowling” under her chin – which often occurs as we age.

Dr. Perkins performed a facelift, upper and lower blepharoplasty and a forehead lift to give her a fresher more energetic, but natural look. He also added a chin implant to balance and bring overall harmony to the proportions of her face.

Nathalie's before and after photos:

Patient Story: Christine

When Christine was younger, she was teased by other people about the shape of her nose. She was especially self conscious when she looked at candid photos of herself. Dr. Perkins was able to bring symmetry to Christine's face giving her a nose that fits her face and looks natural. Christine is very happy with her new look.

Dr. Perkins performed a rhinoplasty on Christine.

Christine's before and after photos: