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Dr. Stephen Perkins Using FDA-Approved Volbella

Dr. Stephen Perkins, his Fellow, Dr. Nathan Johnson and his Physician Assistant, Kelly Tunberg are using a new FDA-approved lip filler called Juvederm Volbella. It’s the first product that appropriately addresses vertical fine lines around the mouth that are caused from sun damage, smoking and natural facial expressions like pursing the lips. They also use Volbella to conservatively enhance the volume of the lips in order to provide a natural looking result.

Good Skincare Products Don’t Have to Cost Great Big Money

If you’re looking for good skincare products that won’t cost you great big money, please read a recent blog I wrote. Our medical Spa, Spa 170 West, carries medical-grade products that are effective and appropriate for all skin types – including those with sensitive skin. They are especially effective for patients who have had facial plastic surgery.

Great skincare starts with 5 basics. Read the blog to find out what they are and why the drugstore and department store product lines may not accomplish what you want.

The Art And Science Of Rhinoplasty

The nose is your most defining facial feature. So, when considering a Rhinoplasty, it’s important to choose a board certified facial plastic surgeon who performs many of these on a regular basis and understands that this procedure truly is “part science and part artistry”. This is one of the most challenging facial plastic surgery procedures to perform. Patients come to Dr. Stephen Perkins because they want to change the look of their nose. 

Rhinoplasty: The Right Nose

According to a 2015 survey from the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, Rhinoplasty is the most requested procedure. Patients of all ages come to me for this surgery for several reasons. It ranges from injury or breathing difficulty to just being generally unhappy with the shape of their nose.

Plastic Surgery And The Millennials

What do Millennials want? In my practice, I find they are commonly asking for a better looking nose. They are much more willing to say, they have always wanted a different, more pleasing nose that fits their face. They say "it's ok for me to do this" and “it's for myself” and “I can”. And, Millennial women don’t want “their father's nose". I also find that it’s more and more common for Millennials to want to take care of heavy eyelids, puffy bags or dark circles under the eyes due to heredity. YES! They do this, and it's "not too young". It's very lifelong lasting.

Dr. Stephen Perkins Performs "Live" Surgery in Beverly Hills, CA

Dr. Stephen Perkins is pictured (center) with Facial Plastic Surgery colleagues, Andrew Jacono, MD and Rami Batniji, MD after performing a “live” Facelift surgery segment in Beverly Hills, CA at the recent American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery’s “Facial Rejuvenation 2016, Master the Techniques”. Dr. Perkins was the Chair of this symposium. He also gave a talk on the topic of Facelift and was a participant on Blepharoplasty and Facelift panels.