Frequently Asked Questions - Facelift

Despite what you may have heard, there are facelift/neck lift procedures you can have as early as your 30s and 40s that will address signs of aging. You can enjoy a fresher neck and jawline now by having smaller procedures – rather than waiting for a specific age to have a more extensive procedure. There is “no magic age”. Each person is different as is their heredity and skin elasticity – which all play a factor in the aging process.

This is a common fear of many patients – and is why it’s very important that you choose a facial plastic surgeon who uses today’s techniques, has a high level of skill and expertise and performs many of these surgeries each year. Your surgical outcome should be very natural-looking – no matter what procedure you have done. You should never look “done” or like you just had surgery. Remember: facial plastic surgery is not the place to price shop. Often times, less experienced surgeons will run “specials”, which can turn into surgical disasters for patients, and even cause them to need a second surgery to correct mistakes.

If you choose a skilled facial plastic surgeon who performs the surgery you want to have on a regular basis with natural-looking outcomes, you should simply look refreshed and energetic. People should notice that something about you looks great – rested and bright. They should never be able to tell that you’ve had plastic surgery. Not all surgeons use and understand the techniques that achieve these results, so be cautious when choosing a doctor in order to achieve the long-lasting outcome you desire.

Dr. Perkins’s incisions are well-hidden so that hairstyles don’t matter. He is not moving the hairline at all. Patients no longer have scars on the front of their ears. Rather, they are placed inside the ears – providing camouflage – which is great for people with short hair.

Having a “facelift” does not always mean a major overhaul. Facelift can be broken down into Liposuction, Cheek-Jowl Lift and Neck Lift. Some patients need all three of these while others do not. The type of surgery I perform will depend upon the signs of aging and degree of the elasticity or lack thereof in each patient, the amount of excess fatty tissue and the degree of neck muscle sagging and banding. For example, a neck lift can sometimes be performed in conjunction with liposuction to eliminate floppy neck skin. This is less invasive than a standard facelift.