Dr. Stephen Perkins Is Invited Faculty at AAFPRS International Symposium

Dr. Perkins was invited faculty at the 2014 50th anniversary, 11th AAFPRS International Symposium of Facial Plastic Surgery in New York, NY. His presentations included: Technique-Based Video Presentation: “Dorsum and Nasal Bones Hump Reduction/Osteotomies”; Problem Based Video Presentation: “Secondary Alar Retraction”; “Contouring of the Cheek-Midface and Jaw”; “Reworking the Worried Brow”; “Periorbital Rejuvenation”; and “A Structured Approach to Selecting the Appropriate Facelift Procedure”. He was sole moderator of a plenary panel on “Avoiding and Managing Complications in Blepharoplasty”; a panel member for: “ How Aggressive Should Your Facelift Be?”; and co-director of the Facelift cadaver dissection course.