Dr. Stephen Perkins Is Featured Guest at the International Rhinoplasty Course

Dr. Stephen Perkins was featured guest international faculty at the recent International Rhinoplasty Course in Cali, Columbia. He participated on two panels and presented lectures on: “Why I Rarely Use Costal Cartilage in Primary and Revision Rhinoplasty”; “The Use of Cartilage Sparing Techniques in Primary Rhinoplasty For Aesthetic and Functional Management of the Nasal Valves”; “Rotating the Nasal Lobule Without the Use of Tongue-In-Groove Maneuvers For Achieving a Natural Feeling Lobule”; “True ‘Sculpting of the Nasal Tip’: The Use of Sutures, Multiple Grafts and Camouflage For Maximum Short-Term and Long-Term Results”; “Alar Base Narrowing: A Simplified Technique For Consistent Aesthetic Results”; “Retrospective Review of the Past 15 years of My Personal Approach and Techniques in Rhinoplasty: A statistical analysis of results, problems, revision rates and comparisons between endonasal approach and external approach in my practice.”