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Solutions for Lipstick Bleeding and Lip Wrinkles

When we think about facial rejuvenation, we don't want to forget the lips, as they frame our smile. The 4 challenges my patients talk about most are wrinkled lips, thinning lips, an upper lip that is too long and downward turn at the corner of the mouth. There are a variety of surgical procedures to correct these.

I'll cover these topics in 4 short blog posts. In this one, I will focus on solutions for wrinkled lips.

If you've experienced "lipstick bleeding", you know how frustrating it is. You can moisturize and exfoliate your lips, but unfortunately, these will only mask the issue at hand. Lipstick bleeding is typically caused by fine lines and deeper wrinkling on the lips. Wrinkles result from smoking, sun damage, age, thinning skin and heredity. While injections can sometimes be used, their results are temporary.

"Resurfacing treatments such as dermabrasion, chemical peel or laser resurfacing performed under anesthesia are much more definitive and permanent. They can produce fairly immediate and dramatic results," says Board Certified Facial Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Stephen Perkins.

Pre-Surgery Computer Images Show Potential Outcomes of Facial Plastic Procedures

Dr Perkins Presurgery Computer Images

Considering facial plastic surgery but wondering what your outcome might look like? You are not alone. People seeking a plastic surgeon often times search online in hopes of viewing photos that illustrate great surgical results. And, they don’t just want to view a couple of photos – they want to see multiple sets of “before and afters” to help guide their decision.

Buyer Beware: Use of Injectable Fillers In Place of Rhinoplasty Surgery

Recently, a patient asked Dr. Perkins about using injectable fillers as a non-surgical solution for rhinoplasty. This is sometimes referred to as “liquid rhinoplasty”. Following are his thoughts on this topic.

It would be on a very rare occasion that Dr. Perkins would recommended this approach for anyone. Once in a while, it may provide a slightly improved, temporary result. However, there are complications that can occur with injectable fillers, so a physician must be very careful about their use in the nose. 

Surgery is much more predictable, long lasting, and – in the long run – more cost-efficient for patients. There is so much information floating around the Internet, in magazines and on television regarding non-surgical “solutions”. This makes it tough for patients to understand what is safe and effective and what is not. 

You really need to talk to your facial plastic surgeon regarding the option that is most appropriate for you.

Protruding Ears Can Make Anyone Self-Conscious. Otoplasty Corrects This Problem.

Dr. Stephen Perkins Before and After Photos

If you or your child suffers from protruding ears, there is help. Otoplasty, a procedure that repositions protruding ears, will fix this common problem. It completes the small fold of the ear – to make the ear look perfectly normal and fit with the shape of the head and any hairstyle. Patients are back to their activities quickly.

Today's Nose: What's Changed With Rhinoplasty

The look of today’s re-sculpted nose has changed from past years and so have the surgical techniques used to reshape it. Today’s nose has a stronger, more elegant bridge, is longer and is less turned up than what used to be popular. And, noses are not nearly as “cookie cutter” in shape as they once were. The nose should be more natural. Today’s beautiful nose is much more unique than it used to be. Your nose should be individualized to fit your face and a person’s ethnic background should not be lost. Because our society has become so multi-cultural, we are performing Rhinoplasty on patients with many ethnic backgrounds.

Spa 170 West Med Elements Products Versus Store-Bought Products

A Lesson In Effectiveness and Cost

Many people think great skincare products need to cost hundreds of dollars, but that simply isn’t true. Our on-site medical spa – Spa 170 West – offers medical-grade skincare products that are very affordable. Just because a product is expensive, does not guarantee that it’s effective.

Great skincare starts with 5 basic products: Cleanser, Antioxidant (usually containing Vitamin C), Sunscreen, Exfoliant (typically containing Retinol or AHA) and Moisturizer.

Computer Imaging: A Great Tool to Show Potential Surgical Results

It’s no secret that people seeking a plastic surgeon search online in hopes of viewing photos that illustrate great surgical results. According to a recent “realself” online article, photos are one of the top resources people trust when making a major medical decision. And, they don’t just want to look at a couple of photos – they want to view multiple sets of before and afters.

Lifestyle Lift In Trouble

As I have noted in previous blog posts and videos, I am not a fan of what I consider to be marketing-driven “gimmicks” that tout facial rejuvenation. I consider the Lifestyle Lift – that advertised a lesser invasive facelift procedure that did not require general anesthesia – one of those gimmicks.

The Wall Street Journal recently reported that Lifestlye Lift is considering bankruptcy filing and has abruptly shut much of its business.

Facelift Misconceptions and Facts Part 2

Following is a blog post that is Part II of a series regarding Facelift Misconceptions and Facts.

Misconception: I do not want to undergo a facelift earlier in life because I assume I will need to have another procedure some time in my sixties.

Fact: There is no "magic time" for a face lift – and no specific age. It depends upon the signs of aging that are apparent on each individual. Some of these are hereditary, while others are related to the environment – i.e., sun damage or facial wrinkles due to smoking.

Beware of Marketing Driven Facial Rejuvenation Gimmicks

You may have heard about or seen some of the advertising and hype on TV or even in magazines about facelift procedures that are “new, quick and easy” and claim to involve no more than a weekend of downtime.

Some of these have even been supported by paid celebrities to speak about them. Two of the more commonly known and heard through advertising are the Quick Lift and the Lifestyle Lift. These and other short, attractive names are no more than national marketing efforts to feed referrals to surgeons.